Oil, Gas and Energy

Get smart solutions that can help your oil, gas, and energy company fuel profitable operations.

Industry Trends

Companies in the OG&E industry are incorporating a sustainable philosophy into their business and technology implementation.

  1. Change in Fuel Retailing
    The generational shift is changing the fueling preference of consumers from brand and price to convenience and user experience. Many fuel retailers are transforming their operations to attract and retain a new generation of customers.

  2. Emerging New Business Models
    Digital technologies are now embedded throughout the energy value chain enabling new business models and opportunities.

  3. Manufacturing Execution Systems
    Integrating manufacturing facilities, operational technologies, and computing systems help engineers to control the production process. As oil & gas equipment manufacturing processes are complex, engineers need an intelligent architecture for manufacturing systems with integrated control for the oil & gas industry.

Success Story

Our project with our Electric Utility Provider customer paved the way for their organization’s digitalization. They now have a single platform for finance, invoicing, and inventory management, giving them visibility across all subsidiaries and generating customized reports for their convenience. Our pool of experienced consultants has created a customization for their electric billing, allowing them to automate billing printouts.