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Industry Trends

Retailers face new challenges as consumers get more demanding than ever. The way goods are marketed, bought, fulfilled, delivered, and sold in a highly competitive marketplace truly changed the retail landscape.

  1. Enabling Next Generation Store
    Today, every consumer is an omnichannel consumer. Retailers have focused on giving the consumers a seamless experience whenever, wherever, and however they please. A store is now a point of inspiration, a testing lab, a servicing site for orders and returns, a help desk, and a shipping center. The physical store is just a mere extension of the e-commerce experience.

  2. Sustainable Shopping
    Retailers are slowly putting sustainability at the center of their business models. Consumers today want to purchase from brands that practice sustainable business behavior resulting in increased customer loyalty.

  3. Digital Supply Chain
    Digitalized supply chain from manufacturer to consumer is helping retailers to have better tracking and tracing of customer service. It also allows flexible omnichannel delivery and fulfillment options while optimizing cost.

Why NetSuite for Retail?


  • Know your numbers across all store locations, marketplaces, and e-commerce with a proven financial management system that helps you to understand profitability and grow your business.
  • Maintain compliance with applicable accounting standards while establishing control and enabling audit trails.


In-Store POS

  • Engage with customers anywhere in the store with a mobile POS device that helps you accelerate the transaction process.
  • Offer shoppers a combination of cross-channel order and fulfillment options, like buy online pickup in-store or buy online return in-store, so they can choose from where they order, receive and return products.


Inventory Management

  • Reduce handling costs, optimize cash flow, and deliver products to your customers when and where they want them.
  • Centrally manage inventory across multiple locations/selling channels.
  • Minimize stockouts with demand-based planning, considering historical demand, sales forecasts, and seasonality.
  • Decrease the cost of goods sold (COGS) by minimizing the number of times an item is moved while in the warehouse.


Order Management

  • Increase revenue and customer lifetime value with cross-channel inventory and order management, and flexible order fulfillment options.
  • Increase on-time delivery.
  • Reduce shipping costs by setting rules to ship from the closest location.
  • Deliver seamless cross-channel interactions with a 360° view of the customer.



  • Single source of data to power your website. Provide relevant and engaging online shopping experience.
  • Boost sales with flexible promotions and relevant product recommendations based on data.
  • Give shoppers easy access to manage their accounts, track order status, request returns, and submit inquiries without calling customer support.

Success Story

Our customer, who offers multiple brands of cement and plywood, is now staying true to its customer promise to prioritize quality, pricing, and product consistency. We are proud that we contributed to this success. With our solutions, they now have automated processes on their record to report, procure to pay, and order to cash, improving their reporting and tracking of inventory across all locations. Easy to monitor and trace the records and transactions within a single platform.