Professional Services

Deliver the most competitive services to your clients while seamlessly managing your business with top-notch solutions and services.

Industry Trends

In this industry, clients rely on the firm’s credibility and reputation. To stay ahead of the curve, businesses optimize their solutions to reduce downtime, increase productivity, and gain a competitive advantage in their industry.

  1. A tech-enabled work environment
    Employees can communicate and share crucial information in real-time thanks to the development of highly advanced collaboration tools and investments made by businesses to encourage a tech-enabled work culture. This encourages teamwork and facilitates rapid problem-solving.

  2. Targeted Digital Transformation
    Adopting digital technologies will give businesses a considerable competitive advantage in addition to future-proofing their corporate processes.

  3. 24/7 Customer Service
    Whether it’s through live chat, phone assistance, or social media, professional services are trending toward offering services 24/7 because they offer a convenient and approachable customer assistance experience, innovative web-based support tools like chatbots, live chat, and FAQs are becoming more popular nowadays.

Success Story

As competition for talent intensifies, professional services companies should have an intelligent and scalable ERP system to meet their ever-growing business needs. Our customer, an outsourcing expert with a network of 32,000 customer advocates dispersed throughout 51 strategic locations, had trusted our expertise in improving their existing digital platform.

Our project with them covered enhancements on Change in DC, Forex Analysis, Intercompany Matching, Consolidated Income Statement, Tax Computation, Consolidated Balance Sheet, Day Payable Outstanding, and Daily Cash Flow Analytics on distinct project phases. They involved different signing-off schedules while the latest Consolidated Cash Flow has officially released. These enhancements helped their Finance and Accounting complete their daily deliverables proactively and intelligently. On top of that, we also implemented their BIR CAS Forms, ensuring that they comply with the reporting requirements of the Philippine revenue agency.

We also installed and configured the Spanish Language across their DEV, QAS, and PRD with customized tax and master reports to make their platform available to their affiliate in Central America. In effect, their affiliate can now use and access their platform with fully translated texts captured from transactional to reporting level. It also has a customized report that helps them view and modify the master report, generates tax reports, and prints checks in Spanish that the users can convert to English and vice versa.