Get a unified system for a single unit operator, a multi-store corporation or a franchise network.

Industry Trends

The restaurant and hospitality industry continues to drive innovation by adapting to consumers’ ever-changing preferences along with rising food and labor costs.

  1. Redefined Guest Experience
    Businesses in the hospitality industry offer contactless solutions, accept mobile payments, enable kiosk ordering and roll out pay-at-the-table solutions that are all integrated with their POS systems.

  2. Automated Warranty Management
    Software platforms are now used to track and monitor warranties on equipment and other tools across multiple locations to keep up with failure rates, breakdowns, and repairs.

  3. Hospitality Spaces for the New Working World
    The hospitality industry is now capitalizing on remote working and adapting its offering to meet the needs and wants of this emerging segment. Lobbies and underused spaces are now taking on a new lease of life.

Success Story

The hotel business produces a lot of financial data every moment, much more if it has multiple locations. Our Hotel and Casino customer welcomes this big data with no headache through our solutions. We implemented an error-proof accounting system to consolidate their and their subsidiaries’ real-time financial statements.