Control, coordinate, and manage every aspect of your operations in one place.

Industry Trends

Manufacturers are amid massive digital disruption, which means you need technology to enable continuous improvement, agility, and scalability.

  1. Digital smart products and solutions
    Product and service innovation helps manufacturers differentiate themselves. Some of them provide digital capabilities and value-added services that are bundled with physical products.

  2. Service-based business models
    From selling products, manufacturers are shifting to providing complete solutions and charging for outcomes. This can result in more revenue, a goal for manufacturers who wants higher profit margins and increased customer intimacy.

  3. Sustainability and circularity
    Manufacturers reuse, refurbish, remanufacture, and recycle parts and products nowadays. Not just for sustainability, but they can be profitable too.

Success Story

Automating manual processes across all departments is crucial for manufacturers. Our manufacturing customer had this implemented through our ERP solutions. Today, they have a single platform for finance, order fulfillment, invoicing, and inventory management allowing them to efficiently process, track orders and manage order fulfillment and payments for their customers across multiple locations. They have also saved 10 hours per week for data entry in adjusting bulk SKU prices and now complete their month-end close in 2 hours instead of days.