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Highly Trusted

Kaisa Consulting is a highly trusted partner that provides empowering business and technology solutions. As one of the pioneering ERP practitioners in the Philippines, we are a go-to partner for large enterprises in various industries, including manufacturing, retail, and distribution.

Throughout the years, Kaisa has emerged victorious in different economic blows in the tech services industry. Such challenges molded us into the pioneer we are today. For instance, the industry considers Kaisa as one of the main lifebloods of SAP practice in the country, producing hundreds of consultants practicing locally and overseas. In addition to SAP, we also provide globally-recognized solutions like the Oracle NetSuite, as well as solutions in the IT infrastructure and cloud computing services.

Furthermore, we always put our customers’ interests above our own. One of our guarantees is assuring the proper number of licenses and solutions are implemented to avoid costly software issues.

From ERP implementation, Cloud-based solution integration to professional management services, we are industry experts in improving business processes. 

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Kaisa is the trusted partner in enabling technologies to become business solutions for enterprises in the region. We are committed to providing quality products and services delivered by highly competent professionals. We are innovators supported by excellent delivery models committed to providing solid and consistent performance to our stakeholders.

Core Values - Kaisa Consulting
Center of Excellence - Kaisa Consulting

Kaisa Center of Excellence

Kaisa Consulting implements a Center of Excellence for organizations to drive and achieve constant value from their investment by combining business and IT experts with industry best practices. This concept enables us to become the trusted advisor of digitally transformed organizations through our team of experienced and competent solution consultants and business experts. The Center of Excellence of Kaisa aims for companies to meet their business objectives. We do this by running their business with the right technology, such as SAP, Oracle NetSuite, Resulticks, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Huawei Cloud, Microsoft PowerBI, IBM, Dell, HPE, Fortinet, and Suse.