Wholesale Distribution

Equip your wholesale distribution business with a scalable ERP solution

Industry Trends

Wholesale distributors need to compete in a new economy – more efficient and profitable – and get the agility required to support new business models.

  1. Growth in E-commerce Investments
    Distributors are continuing to invest in e-commerce not just to create a widespread presence or provide an infinite catalog and greater convenience. It also provides an engaging shopping experience.

  2. Efficiency in Mobile Scanning
    Some distributors have adopted mobile scanning to automate manual processes and reduce the risks of manual errors.

  3. Personalization Drives Customer Engagement and Loyalty
    Distributors leverage the customer data to provide a consistent service experience through personalized strategy.

Success Story

Using Microsoft Excel for managing inventory and financials will only hinder any distribution company’s growth. Our customer who’s in agricultural products trading had this problem. As they grew, it was difficult to handle logistics and perishable products using spreadsheets. Generating sales reports took them a month. With our solutions, they now have quick access and visibility to inventory, sales, and financial data, allowing them to operate efficiently.