Microsoft Power Platform

Digitize, Analyze and Adopt – Designed for SMEs and Enterprises

The Microsoft Power Platform is an extension of the Office 365 Suite. It gives users access to intelligent digital transformation technologies that can improve how to conduct business. What was physically done on paper can now be done virtually. The Microsoft Power Platform lessens the manual processes in business operations through automation. Maximize your Office 365 subscription with the Microsoft Power Platform.

Why Microsoft Power Platform?

  • Digital Transformation 
    Secure your data. Be faster and more efficient. #CulturalChange

  • Process Automation
    Automate work processes, reduce handling costs and improve turn-around time.

  • Big Data Visibility
    Analytics is the future. Gather data, analyze and make better decisions.

  • Scalable, Secured, and Integrated
    Hosted in Microsoft Azure. Tightly integrated with your email and identity management.

  • Strong on their own. Integrated is better. 
    Each product can already make an impact on productivity. It’s a game changer when used all together.

Microsoft Power Platform Features

  • Power Apps
    Power Apps is a low-code approach to creating applications for the business. Anyone can develop their application, but with Power Apps, there’s no need to build and deploy servers to host your apps. It’s deployable to conventional web browsers and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, both supported by Android and iOS.

  • Power Automate 
    Power Automate is a low-code approach to business process automation. It can eliminate the need for paper-routing forms and approvals. It is also helpful in automating repetitive steps like data cleansing. If there’s a need to automate time-based and, or event-based triggers, you’ll have no problem.

  • Power BI
    Power BI is an easy way to visualize your data and analyze it. Business Intelligence is the way of the future in product and process improvement. We can only improve if we can identify our strengths and weaknesses. Identify trends before they get out of hand. Empower your business today.

  • Power by Microsoft Azure
    Microsoft Azure hosts all of these features in the cloud. They are ready to use and don’t need any server preparation. It ensures continuous improvement and delivery of applications founded on a solid methodology by DevOps best practices. Microsoft Azure assures businesses that data is secure and resilient to change.