NetSuite for Building Materials Distributors

One System to Manage Your Building Materials Business

As the world becomes more and more connected, upgrading a business’s IT environment is no longer a means to get ahead—it’s a requirement to keep pace. Building materials distributors seeking to capitalize on new global opportunities need to unify their product development, supply chains, and distribution networks, or risk failure in today’s highly competitive markets.

Building materials distributors from around the world are vying for market share. To remain competitive, they must actively embrace new technology and seek out expertise to connect equipment, improve data analysis and upgrade their IT footprint.

NetSuite Distribution Edition Offerings:

• Role-based, customizable dashboards
• Multiple entity management and consolidation
• Real-time,industry-specificc KPIs
• Integrated ERP, HCM, WMS, Supply Chain Management, Vendor Portals, and Ecommerce

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