The Data-Driven CFO

Refocusing on the KPIs That Matter

Businesses have experienced seismic operational shifts over the past few years. Supply chain issues, talent shortages, and demand fluctuations now look increasingly like ongoing, long-term challenges. As a result, many finance leaders have become resilience experts, moving quickly from one crisis to the next. Meanwhile, the pandemic and all those seismic shifts that came with it made some historical data useless. In 2019, history was a reasonable indicator of future success. That’s no longer true, so how do you reimagine your KPIs?

For many, KPIs tracked now look very different from a pre-pandemic dashboard. For others, the mix hasn’t changed much. In both cases, that may be hindering growth. In this business guide we’ll offer advice on how to refocus on the data that matters — and then use the resulting insights to set strategy.

It’s always been smart to periodically reassess the internal and external data points used to predict trends, track performance, and measure the impact of the challenges of the day. Now, it’s not just smart, it’s a must-do.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

• External Data Points to Watch
• Dashboard Best Practices
• What Should a Dashboard Contain?
• How to Choose the Right KPIs for Your Business
• Putting Data Into Action