Order Management System

Oracle Netsuite Solution Provider - Kaisa Consulting

Eliminate stockouts, eliminate late or inaccurate shipments, and reduce shipping costs.

NetSuite Order Management automates and manages the life cycle of an order — from the moment a customer places an order to delivery to post-sales service. It ensures accurate recordkeeping, covering order capture and validation, order release, shipment confirmation, customer communication and settlement.

NetSuite Order Management also supports complex processes such as split shipments and drop ship. By tracking and managing the flow of information across all of your fulfillment locations and providers, NetSuite Order Management ensures orders move quickly and efficiently. When fulfillment problems arise, you can quickly resolve them and minimize delays.

In this video, we will walk through the seamless creation of an invoice from a sales order to item fullfilment and customer payment. Learn how to leverage NetSuite’s Starter Edition’s leading practices to manage your sales orders, account reconciliation and payment processing.