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Kaisa Academy is the trusted SAP Training provider for professionals and organizations in gaining the right knowledge and competence in an SAP role. Being recognized in the industry as the enabler of enterprise systems, Kaisa Academy aims to share its experience in the industry by addressing the need for SAP experts in the future.


As much as today is considered to be the digital age, the pinnacle of digitization is still forthcoming. This is why business leaders aim to continuously hone the skills of their employees to stay skilled and updated within the IT industry.

Empower your business with the SAP Education program, which extends the learnings, revamps the skills, and acquaints your employees with the latest product modules that assure your organization has the highest SAP standards.

With your people optimizing SAP to its full potential, your business can achieve the prime of digital transformation by having SAP professionals who are committed to growing as a professional with your organization.

    With Kaisa’s SAP Training programs, your organization will achieve digital transformation, improve service quality, and discover business opportunities by having competent and skilled individuals.

    Provide an avenue for your workforce to become SAP experts by having a progressive learning approach to SAP solutions. Customized training programs are highly regarded by organizations needing cost-efficient yet tailor-fit SAP courses that meet your operations process and business goals.

    Encourage your employees to expand their competence in the SAP environment by not only developing needed skills for the organization but fostering personal development as well.


SAP’s most noted functional and technical modules

  • Financial Accounting and Controlling
    FICO handles documents and reports in a unified system that is directly implicated in any financial and business transactions.

  • Production Planning
    PP consists of master data, system configuration, and transactions with specifically designed production planning and management.

  • Materials Management
    MM includes the required, processed, and manufactured materials in companies. It also facilitates procurement and inventory processes of businesses daily.

  • Sales and Distribution
    SD module comprises business processes for product sales, shipping, and billing. It also manages all types of transactions, including inquiries, proposals, and quotations.

  • Advanced Business Application Programming
    ABAP is the 4th generation programming language used to build the SAP R/3 program and in the SAP system for company-specific design and configuration.

  • NetWeaver
    NetWeaver is an open application server platform predominantly utilized by SAP developers, administrators, and consultants. It also enables companies to integrate data and business processes of various sources into a unified SAP environment.